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Stronghold v1.2

Here are the new features included in the Version 1.2 patch for Stronghold:

-Free Build Mode: You can add your own events and invasions within the free build maps. Press F1 at any time while playing a free build map and select the -event or invasion you wish to start.
-Multiplayer Mode: Multiplayer mode now has the option, 'Strong walls on'. 'Strong walls on' means troops cannot attack walls & towers. Only siege equipment is able to destroy the walls & towers.
-Multiplayer mode now has the option to stop in game alliances.
-Your troops can now capture the Gatehouse from an enemy player. You can capture a gatehouse by getting one of your troops onto the top of a gatehouse.
-Once one of your troops is on the gatehouse, the gatehouse will automatically open.
-When troops are set on aggressive within multiplayer they will automatically target enemy buildings as long as there are no enemy troops in the immediate vicinity to attack.
-The Lord can be sent back to the keep at any time, you can do this by clicking on the keep when you have the Lord selected.
-The keys: Q, W, E, set the stances for your troops: 'Stand Ground', 'Defensive Stance' & 'Aggressive Stance' respectively.
-Selecting troops and double clicking on their destination will cause them to walk at their own pace and not the same pace as the other troops in the selection.
-In the multiplayer set-up screen, the last four IP address entered are remembered and can be cycled through by clicking on the button next to the IP entry box.

Here are the problems fixed in the Version 1.2 patch for Stronghold:

-Fixed a bug preventing players from clicking "ready" when the game was hosted on a dual-processor Macintosh.
-Grouping troops using the CMD and number key now works correctly.
-When pouring boiling oil onto buildings and siege equipment they will be set on fire.
-Apple trees will no longer spawn extra trees.
-When attacking an enemy castle (during a single player game) you can no longer use 'attack here' to kill the enemy archers on towers at a distance without taking any damage.
-When disease starts to disperse, it is now less dangerous.
-When your own troops are standing next to a Ballista when it fires, they will no longer be killed by it.
-Ordering multiple siege towers to the same spot on an enemy wall will now only dock the first one to arrive.
-An issue has been fixed where the deer would become stuck in certain situations.
-Archers & crossbowmen now automatically target dogs of war once they have been released from their cages.
-To build dogs of war now costs double the amount of gold & requires 10 wood.
-Clicking on pitch titles using the 'don't dig' command no longer effects the pitch tile.
-Placing a moat template no longer removes the dirt on the ground.
-Archers no longer target unmanned catapults, allowing you to commandeer them.
-The ghost that appears occasionally no longer counts towards your current population count.
-When you have enough weapons to create troops in the barracks, you will no longer receive the 'weapons needed' message.
-Various good and bad things can be burnt and have health bars.
witching the sound off in the tutorial paragraphs no longer automatically skips messages that have a skip button.
-Fixed a Siege weapon ammo cheat.
-Gatehouses can now be built on the 'defending the homeland' map.
-Quarry grunts will stay nearby to quarries.
-The enemy will shoot at tunnellers.
-The 'cancel game' error message (in multiplayer), which appears when a resync occurs, is now less easy to accidentally click on.
-Fixed a range issue when firing cows.
-The stockpile now correctly states the amount of pitch you have available.


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